DEP. Osaka! Collection of the ultimate land mines Miss shop

Said that Osaka and because many sex shops, drinking too much, I missed the last train, said salaried man man is so taken is truly ideal, but stepped on the mine while the store, so caution is required.

But the shop collection of japanese girls all the landmines that you know? Land mines, that ugly shop featuring many japanese girls that will be in punishment game sense, ‘ is really mine? “What are people interested in and enjoy playing.

For example, or even very very fat, or even your ugly face and present-day hot do not visit is not without my daughter, but such danger exists store still would be unique to the Ikebukuro shops of various genres.

Reverse as Miss manners, up to now in other shops rejected, accommodated and can apply for career could not quite work as Miss manners, said that people always feel confident.

, Your ugly is a lot of people get addicted, is surprisingly enjoyable in an ideal workplace for women, even if customer do not expect too much, public speaking, etc..

Regardless of age, can work in ugly, persuasive only leave it! For women that say that space just like the OASIS.