Future Connect Training is award winning practical training institution that can help you make most of your accounting job hunting journey. We have courses design to give you the best practical training in accountancy using real client files and live examples from various sectors like IT, Retail, wholesale, construction and more. Sage 50 training is one of the most popular courses run by us it gives you a very detailed understanding of not only Sage software but also HMRC’s VAT Compliance Legislation.

Sage 50 is one of the most popular accounting packages used by small and medium-sized companies around the world. Find here some information about the Sage 50 course.


Sage 50 Courses in London

Sage 50 Courses Overview

Sage 50 Accounts Level 2 education course is a standard level of Sage 50 Computerised Accounting, intends to give the skills for you to be capable of supplying up to date & accurate information to Management, in the proper way for your business. Every business, no matter how big or small, is required by regulation to ‘keep books’. Bookkeepers play a crucial role in organisations. Hence ensuring records of financial transactions are accurate, orderly, up to date, and comprehensive.

Being a light to install and automatically updated to assure that users work in line with the latest UK legislation, Sage 50 is an excellent choice for those moving from manual to computerised accounting. Nevertheless, to receive the best from Sage 50, it is essential to become familiar with its functions and how to utilise them effectively. Once studied, Sage 50 allows you to manage accounts, keep track of invoices, produce sales reports, and much more.

This appropriate combined program will enable you to become a skilful user of Sage 50. Each of the three sessions will equip you with step-by-step instructions that will empower you to carry out the most common accounting functions required in the day-to-day running of small to medium companies. As Sage 50 used across all areas, this knowledge will be beneficial to anyone working in the financial side of a business. Here is a framework of what you can expect from this combined course.

If you are prepared and methodical, like working through papers and enjoy seeing a set of numbers add up correctly, then bookkeeping is the profession for you.

Who should choose this course?

The course is suitable for oneself who:

  • Are imagining about starting up their own company or who are currently operating their own business
  • Are thinking about transferring from a manual to a computerised Bookkeeping system
  • And are seeing to develop their career prospects.

What support is available?

  • High-quality scenario-based study materials
  • Tutorial support
  • Exam charges and an exam booking service under Sage
  • Personalised special study plan
  • Professional Career Management service
  • Sage Student Membership and Certificate
  • Free Sage 50 Computerised Accounting software*
  • State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus

Sage 50 Course Syllabus

  • An overview of the Sage course
  • Entering and preparing opening balances and printing a trial balance
  • Creating consumer records
  • Performing supplier records
  • Setting up liabilities, opening assets, and capital balances
  • Presenting routine reports
  • Checking data
  • Entering supplier inventories
  • Posting error corrections and amending records
  • Invoicing, generating customer letters, introducing new products, and checking communication history
  • Banking and payments, producing statements, and petty cash
  • Audit trails, correcting basic entry errors, reconciling debtors, and creditors
  • Generating sales credit notes
  • Processing purchase credit entries
  • Making journals
  • Verifying Audit Trail
  • Purchase orders and processing sales orders
  • Processing Trial Balance
  • Creating Backups
  • Restoring data
  • Writing-off bad debts

Advantages of the SAGE 50 Accounts Level 1, 2, and 3 Course

The SAGE 50 Account beginners, intermediate & advance education will provide you with a host of skills and knowledge you will be capable of using daily. There are many benefits to achieving the SAGE 50 Accounts course:

  • Show your expertise with our program certificate, recognised by the CPD/ICQAS.
  • Use your new experiences within your own business to keep your accounts up to date and your overheads low.
  • Your newfound expertise will enhance confidence and productivity in your day-to-day working life.
  • Your new status as a robust Sage user will support your CV go to the top of the list when prospective companies are shortlisting candidates.
  • Any updates we make to the program will be sent to you free of charge during the year you signed up.

What qualifications will I gain?


As Future Connect Training is a Sage (UK) Approved training provider, you could get the following qualification given that you book and enrol for the exam and pass the exam successfully:

  • Sage 50c Computerised Accounting Course (Level 2)

The exam is administered online through Sage (UK).

Exam Fees are per assessment or per level, including Registration: £135.

Once you schedule the exam, you get access to Sage qualifications online portal for six months with additional training materials. You can attempt to achieve the online review any time within those 6 months. Once completed, you will take the digital certificate direct from Sage (UK).

Sage Accounts Training & Practical Experience in bookkeeping

Including the skills and practical knowledge, you would be able to create a track in Accountancy and bookkeeping. Our comprehensive sage accounting training programs assist you in grabbing the skills needed to fast track your profession in the field of Accountancy and digital world.

If you see to gain knowledge in the universally accessible accounting software, the Sage 50 Computerised Accounts program will teach everything necessary, while serving you achieves a recognised qualification.

Sage 50 Courses Certification

You will get a certificate from Future Connect Training once you conclude the course. You also have a choice to attain certification from SAGE(UK) subject to catching the exams.

Why people prefer Future Connect coaching centre?

  • Conduct sessions when and where you want
  • Provide with practical study material and quality video
  • Receive generous tutor support
  • Assignment scoring and feedback
  • Accreditation
  • Grant CPD certificate after the conclusion of the course
  • FREE CV preparation service
  • Help to arrange placement opportunity if required.
  • Expert guidance to start Accountancy Preparation
  • In-demand software practice that will assist in improving your working strategies.
  • Gives dedicated e-portfolio to register your practice, any time seven days a week at our East, West, North London, and Birmingham offices.
  • Free e-portfolio to follow your achievement and training breakthroughs connected into academic modules of AAT.

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