Every business requires a bookkeeper. For small businesses, everyone acts as a bookkeeper. However, for large enterprises, you need a bookkeeper with higher skills, especially dedicated. If you run a company or mid-range industry, you must hire an accredited bookkeeper.

Who is the bookkeeper?

What are they doing?

And, how can you be one?

In this blog, we have answered all these questions and discussed the steps to become an accredited bookkeeper.

Let’s explore:

Who is an Accredited bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers track the financial records of businesses, organizations, and companies. The bookkeeper’s task is to track all funds invested in the business. Through bookkeeping, bookkeepers can determine whether a business is profitable.

What does the bookkeeper do?

Bookkeepers handle many tasks. They are responsible for managing payroll, processing loans and preparing tax returns.

What bookkeepers usually do is:

· Bookkeeper handles all financial statements including debts, expenses, accounts payable and receivables, income and profits

· Bookkeepers ensure regular auditing and updating of financial statements

· Bookkeepers are travelers who may need to work on multiple issues

· The most important thing is that the bookkeeper tracks all the company ’s financial accounts

How do you become a bookkeeper?


The generous salary, digital skills and a series of management tasks continue to attract many young people to this profession. Following are the steps to become a bookkeeper

1) Starting from high school

If you want to become an accountant, you may start to realize your dream of becoming a dream as soon as possible. If your school offers related courses, please attend. The basic course will teach you the basic principles of bookkeeping. You can also learn how to use accounting software. Office skills, keyboard courses, and math courses are also important.

2) Apply to university and obtain an associate degree in accounting or bookkeeping

Some bookkeepers began to learn things at work. Some companies will provide training so that they can always prepare their own bookkeeper. However, the expectations of every management will hinder your possibility of getting a job. Therefore, at least two years of higher education related to bookkeeping are required. Almost all employers require this, you need to enroll for bookkeeping training courses.

3) Register computer school to improve the efficiency of accounting software.

Today, companies require proficiency in accounting software applications such as QuickBooks. In addition, you will need to be proficient in keyboard input and use the 10-key numeric keypad.

4) Participate in the internship program of a local company as a bookkeeper.

It will help you gain experience. Combining your internship with your degree can make your resume robust. The internship program will also help you find areas that suit your interests.

5) No matter how small your salary is, you must do an entry-level job.

Entry-level work will help you pile up. You may be given the job of being a clerk, but it will not be ashamed to be a clerk first. With the accumulation of experience, you will gain more responsibilities and tasks to be performed.

6) Obtaining certification from AAT approved accounting training institute will make you look more qualified. Therefore, consider obtaining certification from it. If you are a certified accountant, your employer will be assured that you are qualified.

7) Gain as much work experience as possible.

When the opportunity comes, make sure to hold it tightly. To qualify, you will need at least 2 years of accounting work experience. You may also need to pass the written test.

8) Be a habitual student.

The more skills you have, the more employers will seek you. Since most companies report a lack of skilled accountants, please continue to study. You may think of returning to school and completing a bachelor’s degree in accounting.


What else do I need to become a bookkeeper? Not much, you just need to be able to count and record quickly. Follow the eight steps listed above to become an accredited bookkeeper.